Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shri Ram Jaya Ram

"...sharanam, sharanam, Shri Ragunatha..." As I sit here and type, the tape player in my living room chimes with the rhythmic cling of manjeeras and the hypnotic repetition of this dhoon. But, no, it is not I playing this music. Rather it's my American roommate, who, having spent a couple of years in a Yoga camp, has acquired quite a repertoire of Hindu bhajans and dhoons.


While in the past I would have felt odd about the cultural appropriation, I don't know... now I actually kind of like it... It's been a tough winter so far, and this morning, as I get ready for work and do some personal emailing before I set out for my day, it's nice to be soothed by familiar-from-childhood-sounding music. No matter who plays it.