Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The F word


I love love love love love love love love this word. Facetious. Facetious. Faceeeeeeeeeeeeeetious. Love how it sounds. Love what it means. All around. Love it.

What’s funny is, for the longest time (through high school and most of college) I would encounter this word in books, but never quite know what it meant, and yet while I was mildly curious, I never bothered to look it up. Call it the laziness of the callow-minded? Or am I being facetious? :P

And then, one day, I did look it up. And then I was like, oh holy cow, I like this word! A lot! So I adopted it. And gave it a room in my brain.

It is now a teenager and feels free to run amok in my conversations, popping up as it pleases. And I indulge it. Facetiously, of course.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ten things

When Sundry from Any Given Sundry tagged me to write about "ten things you did in 2008 that you're happy about or proud of" I had to laugh. On the next to last day of 2008 I had the kids in the library do a similar project, where they made mini-books in which they listed their "Eight bests of Oh Eight." Thanks for the opportunity for some reflection, Sundry! And, because I have the tendency to procrastinate, I am going to do this. Right now.

Okay so here goes.

Ten big and small things I am proud of having done in 2008

1. Living through a whole month-plus of no heat in NYC. I realize it's not something to be inordinately proud of, but I'm glad that I somehow got through that time without unduly losing my cool. (Pun intended.)

2. Writing a pathfinder on the elusive topic of "Happiness" for my reference class.

3. Learning something about gardening. (A very minuscule amount, really, but just enough to be able to introduce kids to the fledgling garden near our library.) I accomplished this by befriending and talking to gardeners at the community garden near my old place. (I will really miss living there!)

4. Striking out on my own. (Getting a studio apartment for the first time.) This one speaks for itself.

5. Reconnecting with an old friend. Nuff said. You know who you are. :)

6. Secret goal accomplished. (And no, wild horses won't drag it from me.)

7. Learning about digital imaging at grad school.

8. Learning how to design and put up a modest website.

9. Becoming more honest and kind to my sister.

10. Acknowledging the truth about life to myself.

Now do I get to tag someone? Hmm... who shall it be? I think I'm going to tag Jeannette Langmead from Alone in Kudamatsu. I cannot remember how I found her blog, but when I did, I thought it fascinating enough to subscribe to it... I hope she'll play! :-)

Friday, January 02, 2009

authentic baloney

so on the right side of my FB page, I am being advertised to by Yahoo....

they say:

Meet Single Men
Meet authentic people like you who are serious about dating. Find singles on Yahoo! Personals looking for long-term relationships.

Hmm... so if I go through Yahoo I will meet authentic people, but otherwise the people will be made out of plastic or some other fake material? or they will not be humans at all but robots?