Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Headline: Dogwood Blooms, people stop to stare

Yesterday evening was a perfectly glorious, cool spring evening in Brooklyn. The kind of weather that the Bay area has a lot of, but rare and therefore ever so much more precious in New York.

I was feeling grumpy and unwilling to leave the house after I got home from work, which was exhausting because I started at a new branch of the library, (long story).

But I dragged myself outdoors into the waning evening because I knew that getting out would drive away at least a few of the blues and grumps within. And so it did.

Because, as I walked up 16th street in Brooklyn, I came upon the astonishing sight of a creamy white, butter white dogwood tree, in glory-glorious bloom, standing proud and pretty, lovely, rather, soaking up the warm evening glow with each of her outspread white petals.

I stopped in my tracks and fell up into the tree and down into reverie of dogwoods past. I stared at her so long and took so many pictures with my cellphone cam, others stopped too. When the resident of the house came home, I sheepishly explained to her that I was no stalker, just enamored of her perfect dogwood. Oh, no matter, she said. Yes, it is indeed a glorious tree, and others have stopped too.

Thank you oh perfect glorious dogwood of Park Slope!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


After two weeks of midterms and two papers, taking a study break with Anu Garg's site,

Played around with this spirograph feature... Kind of relaxing, in an internet kinda way...
check it out! (pretty, no?)

Created by Anu