Monday, March 29, 2010

how and why you should support libraries

Dear New Yorkers,
Please consider supporting your local library and libraries in two (2) ways. (others may take the following and apply it to their own area libraries):

1-. Monetary support -- yes, donate, (money, not books--unless the books are brand new and you have checked it out with a librarian first that these books are in fact needed by the library-- donating unneeded books is like treating the library as your personal dump.)

How to donate---- (the following are three Separate library systems. Yes, really!:-) )

A. Brooklyn Public Library -

B. New York Public Library -

C. Queens Public Library -
2. Political support - free to you, yet sends a strong message to politicians that this is a crucial service that cannot be cut.

How to send a message:----
Here's why you should help:
In case you'd like to know, here are ways (with example links) in which NY area public libraries support their communities, besides providing access to free books and internet access:
1. free ESOL classes

2. free GED/ pre GED classes

3. free Job search help

4. free computer classes for senior citizens

5. free computer classes for immigrants (in their native languages)

6. free programs for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents

7. free afterschool programs for teens (like Creative Writing workshops, TeenTime)

8. free afterschool programs for kids (like Arts and Crafts, Gaming)

9. free access for incarcerated citizens who desire to read but are not allowed access unless a librarian visits with a floating collection

10. and More: Manga drawing workshop with Misako Rocks, Jazz @BrooklynPublicLibrary, Health Info and Literacy @ Queens Library... and on, and on, and on...