Monday, February 07, 2005

taking a break

... do you ever have a conversation with someone who just makes you want to scream epithets and say, "you're wrong! you're so wrong!!!!!!" argh. i just did.

... had a rough morning too... for *various* reasons was late heading out the door. not late, mind you, early. and then, for various other reasons got a bit later. the thing is i was still on time and not late. but today was one of those days i had been determined to be *early* which did not happen.

all the aforementioned and yet not discussed reasons could have been managed individually.

But together they proved to be stressful.

and then, the day started going better, after i realized that after all, i may not have been early to work, but at least i wasn't Late.

but then, after lunch i had the aforementioned conversation with an aggravating person. in person, which is worse than over the phone, cuz then you have to act all polite, and you can't make silly faces into the air.

mental note to self. do Not Insist on conversing extensively with people that you already know aggravate you, especially if the conversation is after lunch and that lunch consisted of pizza.

because the combo of:
later-than-wanted-to-be-morning + pizza (no matter how little) + aggravating-person-who-just-won't-be-reasonable-and-lives-on-another-planet-and-yet-you-have-to-deal-with-every-day = stomache ache.

whew. there.
feel better.
am chewing gum...

if this made no sense, don't worry. it means that you, my friend, are Normal.
but, thanks for "listening..."

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