Thursday, March 24, 2005

this one's in honor of Kathryn

thanks for giving me the necessary nudge to post another blog into the ether...

thanks also to Rina for saying you noticed that i haven't blogged recently.

i had no idea anyone cared. ;)



am sitting at the college of marin transfer center. for a while there, i was fuming. and started to write a rant. the following rant is not that rant. that rant was more... rant-y. then a student walked in and she was so sweet and excited about art history and genetic engineering, it calmed me down a bit. so the following rant is hopefully less vitriolic. thanks to the non-cynical student.

you see, when i made an appointment with the counseling office to do what we call transfer hours here at this community college, (which involves advising transfer students about the application process, but also involves some level of counseling as well), I specifically requested that they (the counseling office) make appointments for me with the students. what this entails is that students call or walk in, and sign up for half-hour time slots on a piece of paper. but no, the person in charge could not do this simple task. it was too much work for her. when i walked in she informed me that yes, students had called requesting appointments but that it was too much work for her to set them up. so she'd just told them to drop in. hmm.

if she had, it would have allowed me to know several things: how many folks i'm likely to see... who's interested... when they're coming, so i can pace how much time i spend with each student, etc etc. but now i'm sitting here. not knowing if NO one is going to come in, or 20 people will all come at once.


got to get into a Zen space. i guess.

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