Wednesday, October 26, 2005

bronchitis, laryngitis, cross-country flight, fever, chills, sweats, no sleep and the GRE (!)

wanted to share that, despite having gone through, in rapid succession: bronchitis, laryngitis, cross-country flight, fever, chills, sweats, and no sleep, I still managed to get to the GRE test center in time today, and, more importantly, did okay... well, at least on the verbal and math part. (the analytical writing section won't be scored for another two to three weeks... but i'm hopeful that i'll have more than a zero score... ha ha.)

my verbal score was better than my math (surprise, surprise...)

(740 verbal... 530 or 520 math-- can't remember, as everything from this morning is in a best-forgotten fog... except for the fact that they allowed me to take cough drops in with me as long as they were pre-unwrapped before heading into the testing room--thank goodness, for the sake of the other test takers, as well as for my poor throat)

okay, so the math isn't that great, but honestly, it's an improvement from the scores I got on the practice tests I took!

anyway, glad it's over...

have to decide where to apply to school. and for what.
(well... have already given that some thought, but it still needs some more.)

thanks for listening!


Nisha G. said...

congratulations, yesha!!! hope you are feeling better now.

which topics did you cover in your writing sample?

why said...

hmm... let's see if I can remember back to 11 a.m. this morning...


can't remember...