Sunday, April 17, 2011

Found: Old To-Do lists, circa 1998 and 1999

To Do June 14, 1998

  • Newsletter

  • Transfer Newsletter

  • Letter to HI counselors/Telephone to the same(?)

  • Lunch with Nabila

  • Sending info to the USIS info centers in New Delhi and Bombay

  • Drawer Audits…

  • ---Deposit

  • ---Admit

  • ---Shortage
to do for yesha for 4.5.99

  1. call Honolulu Country Club and arrange for food .

  2. call Lei Lady (Phone #??) and perhaps arrange for Leis in HI

  3. Call HI High Schools and arrange visits (!!!)

  4. Call Lil World Travel and buy plane ticket (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  5. Evaluate files on desk

  6. F.A. phoning

  7. Shortage phoning

  8. Meet with Astrid re: LA reception. Talk about: a. slide show---can she/we put together ASAP... maybe take pics of "a day in the life of..." new version? b. Itinerary---print out an old one if possible...go over who will do what c. Making sure there are students there... maybe we need to arrange for a special LA-a-thon!

  9. Proof those Web Apps!!!

  10. ********Put together a list of Presidential scholar recommendees***********
to do 8-11-99

  1. Send Measles paper to dr. w’s nurse… also include note about needing TB test certification.

  2. send reg for Praxis exams.

  3. send in promissory note to fin aid office

  4. call fa aid and ask them if can reduce the unsub loan and then increase it later, if necessary…

  5. send j.m. an email about that class…cannot take due to scheduling conflict.

  6. register for that art history class(?)

  7. pack for new jersey

  8. laundry
---------- somehow laundry is the one that still resonates, all these years later...

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