Sunday, February 05, 2006

shimmering white peacock day

new york did its
fractals of beauty,
shimmering white peacock imitating the fire engines passing by St. John the Divine,
most delicious pizza in the world,
impromptu job interview,
sweet room-for-rent across the street from Labyrinth,
Hungarian cupcakes and cider,
North Face sale in 35 degrees weather,
Times Square alight and well,
friendly strangers helping,
Whole Foods jasmine lotion,
Poet’s corner wisdom,
Riverside blue clouds and dogs
dance today.


YMedad said...

Just stumbled over your site as I was looking for resources on YESHA, the Hebrew abbreviation for YEhuda, SHomron and Azza. What does Yesha mean by you?

YMedad said...

Stumbled over your site while looking for material on YESHA, the territories of Judea, Samaria and ZGazza (YEhuda, SHomron and Azza in Hebrew). What does Yesha mean by you?

CK said...

oh i want to know the storiiiiiiesssss :)