Monday, January 03, 2011

India day 2 - Delhi

Highlights of day 2 --

  • meeting up with old friends P and M and their kids M and S after a very long time (I'll be visiting them for a while!)
  • eating exquisite tomato basil risotto at Khan Market
  • visiting the expansively gorgeous and thought-provoking Humayun's Tomb - which I learned from my friends was the only place Barack Obama had time to see when he v. briefly visited Delhi
  • braving the whole getting a sim card / exchanging money deal with trusty friend P at my side
  • a yummy homemade dinner of karela and cauliflower and kadhi with rice and rotlis
  • eating juicy India oranges after dinner
  • being treated to a cozy family story hour of Harry Potter read aloud by M as my nieces cuddled in to sleep, P made expressive facial expressions to go along with Hermione's characterization, and i blinked, woozy with jetlag, but happy to be with all...
Hopefully, I'll download some photos soon(ish) and add them to the respective posts.

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