Saturday, January 08, 2011

India day 7 - Delhi


  • birthday party for my friends' 5 yr old... complete with an indoor bouncy castle and to-die-for chocolate cake made by a Canadian bakery
  • Making a string doll with the 5 yr old's nine year old sister
  • dinner at a chic Italian restaurant to celebrate the 5 yr old's dad's 39th birthday. Yum!
  • a before sunset stroll by myself in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood
  • drawing bunnies, genies, and puppies with my 5 yr old and 9 yr old nieces
  • watching the five yr old's eyes glow as her birthday presents towered in front of her
  • talking with my friends M and P about their newly-found grudging acceptance of Barbies
  • going to a party being held by a writer at her barsati, and meeting journalists, artists, anthropologists, and even a former race car driver there!
  • going to sleep!

1 comment:

RuthG said...

A very social day--what fun!

Barbies in Delhi. What hath globalization wrought. Sigh.