Tuesday, January 04, 2011

India day 3 - Delhi

Some cool stuff (not necessarily in chronological order):
  • hung out at the American Embassy School with P and M - their kids go there. and there's a cafe there, with yummy food and a relaxed vibe, called Open Hands. I walked around the beautiful campus too, taking fotos of pretty New Year's rangoli made with flower petals as well as several beautiful sculptures and some lush plant life.
  • ate a yummy yum guava for lunch
  • went to Dilli Haat to meet an old friend (MK) who's living here... As we caught up on our lives, we shopped a bit for gifts as well as ate momos at the Nagaland booth, amaranth cutlets at the Navdanya booth, and bought some organic foods from Navdanya, (founded by Vandana Shiva) including haldar (turmeric) for my mom... Also, since it was freezing cold, we drank cup after cup of mint and lemongrass tea. Yum.
  • went to GK 1 to do some clothes shopping at Anokhi and another store (kurtas)
  • listened to another cozy installment of the Harry Potter reading series with the whole M, S, P, M family
  • ate a vegetable pastry puff at a bakery (it's like a croissant with a warm / spicy samosa-y filling, but not too much of the filling, so it's just right and hits the spot)
  • took the Delhi metro for the first time ever! by myself, too! and it was easy! and clean! and efficient!
  • night time conversation with M and P about the reality of adjusting to life in India, especially when it comes to bureaucracy... and formulating theories as to why things are the way they are...
  • ate Mango papad squares that MK kindly purchased for us from a booth at Dilli Haat
  • watched admiringly and chatted with M and S as they biked and scootered their way up and down their courtyard, showing me their squiggly wiggly moves

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RuthG said...

You are obviously having a DELICIOUS time--I'm so glad!