Wednesday, January 19, 2005

at work...

neck still tingling.. shoulder and arm in pain... but at work... got lots of work... :)
maybe should get a kaiser appt... okay, now lunch


Dee said...


Dharma & Jigar here in Mehshana... (cyber cafe, of course)

Isn't Divanshi too cute??? We hung out in Unava all day yesterday and will be traveling to Mount Abu 2-morrow morning with dad, K-Lal & Jiggar man.

Next week is Ankit's wedding ... should be fun!!!

Anyways, how's the neck... what did Kaiser say?

Peace & love,

P.S. Jiggar man said he misses you too much!!!

Dee said...

I posted a very long comment but damn this lou reed put it best, "it will be the end of me"

anyhow, to summarize, Jiggar man and me here in Mehsana say what's up!!!

hope the neck is better...2-morrow is abu time

Peace & Love,
Dharma & Jiggar man

P.S. isn't davanshi too cute! (I spent all day yesterday in the unava...)