Sunday, January 16, 2005

bus stop party

was, of course, no surprise, fun!

it was the first in a long time that we all were in the kitchen at more or less the same time, cooking, slicing, dicing, stirring, tasting, smelling, laughing, dancing, (and of course Talking) away...

the tables were set up end to end in the living room and a huge dickensian type table was created with magical candles and the indian paper stars above for soft glowing light.

there was lasagna and spanakopita and carrot soup and marinated tofu and peanut sauce and salad and sangria (made by yours truly) and brownies, and cookies and good friends and former bus stoppers and of course champagne to toast Shane and Missy, who will be getting married this fall, and which is why we are losing Shane... There were speeches, and tears, and smiles and people were happy and sad, and we did lose a brother, but gained a sister, so that turned out to be okay, especially if they keep visiting us!

i have Never danced with my roomies before, can you believe? and such a shame! cuz it was so fun... pushed most of the furniture out of the dining area. people danced their asses off to everything from Beck to salsa to Spanish pop to Prince to bhangra... i think i am now inspired to put together an indian dance music cd... :)

ah... we'll have to do it Again...

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