Saturday, January 15, 2005

g'morning world!

so... am dipping my toe in this world of... blog. (what a funny sounding word)

watched the film sideways last night, with Nisha. great film, although we argued about it afterward. but, isn't that the sign of a good film, if it makes you want to argue?

go see it. here's a link or two:

Now, i should go, the Bus Stop Co-op is having a little shindig tonight, for Shane, to send him off in style... and my room's a mess, my asthma's acting up, (cough, cough), and I need to make ~Sangria~ (yum) so got to go and DO all these things. by five the room should be shining, sangria should be on it's way, and should be ready to get the house ready with my roomies.

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