Thursday, January 06, 2005

pondering guilt

i'm on lunch right now, and been pondering guilt. having just returned from india, i am ashamed that Ididn't cut short the vacation part of my trip to dosomething meaningful in terms of reliefwork for thetsumami victims... but reading the following bloggives me hope, that i can give in other ways. one ofmy new year's resolutions is to think more of ways inwhich i can help, not just victims of tsunami, but ingeneral.this blog is a fascinating take on volunteer effortfor the disaster relief... Mark and Yoo-Mi are anamazing couple who live in SF and engage in all kindsof wonderful cultural activities, esply hostingconcerts in their ultra cool loft-type apartment. (they call their space SOMasala; and once, I went to aDrupad concert there-- definitely check it out whenyou get the chance; it's a one of a kind experience)but right now they're in Tamil Nadu. check out what they have to say. I guarantee you'll be inspired:

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