Monday, January 17, 2005

monday morning feels like a sunday

today is off, thank you, MLK.

I know I should be thinking deep thoughts about freedom, and social justice right now... but sorry, right now I'm just thinking about my neck... it's in pain. i am struggling with the lofty ideals i started the new year with, and the small things that i end up occupying myself with... like, i wanted to do service to society, whatever that means, but i haven't done anything... yesterday i had a fun day. went to English tea (replete with crumpets, creamcheese and mandarin sandwiches, and lemon curd) with a friend, then went to dinner with a friend, and talked talked talked. yes, all well and good, but what happened to my goals of service?

not that i'm into beating myself up, but getting a bit cynical about these urges to do good... do these urges just exist to make me feel better that i'm at least thinking about doing something? hmm

anyway. got to ice my neck some more.

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